Thursday, April 24, 2008

That distant rumbling...

.... it's the sound of DOOM!!!

Results on Monday.

The Dreams have started, varying from getting 20% for everything to the dreaded phone call from Big Law Firm telling me I can post my cheque for £31,000 any time I like.

I'm trying to proceed in denial at the moment. Unfortunately, flashbacks of the horror that was BLP just will not quit.

Therefore, doom.

You read it here first.


Medically Brunette said...

buena suerte hoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susie Law School,

I understand completely how you feel about BLP.

I have had a few resits to do and my last attempt for BLP was in March. I am absolutely terrified/worrying about the results. I realise that whats done is done now, but it still doesn't make it any easier.

The exams are definitely difficult to the law degree exams.

So much is riding on these results. Relatives, though they mean well, are putting a lot of pressure on me to pass.

People around me have passed the course (I deferred my most recent resits at BPP)and progressed. I don't like to compare myself to others but I do feel very low.

The BLP exam is probably the hardest exam that I have ever faced. The MCQ's were tricky. As for the main paper, you just don't know with law. I think there were issues of financial assistance, general director duties etc but I just don't know. I really don't want this to all be for nothing.

The worst thing is I walked out of law school with a 2:1. I had high hopes for myself on the LPC. I never thought I would have to do resits. I never imagined that I would be sitting the last BLP exam.

I am very worried because if I don't get through BLP (I want to pass everything) then I have to redo the whole course. This has an impact on everything. People around me are starting to doubt the legal profession because of its many obstacles and I know they will be extremely frustrated if I don't get through.

As a deferred student I can't log into the intranet like you will be able to at lunchtime today and get your results. 70% of the people who were in my class have passed and finished. So I have to sit and wait for the results to come in the form of a record card by post tomorrow!

I'm trying to be positive and not worry but I am at my wits end. It means so much to me and to make it worse I am starting to get interest for training contract interviews for tc's starting end 2008. Whilst I know I could still do the course PTW and work full time as a trainee, I want this course over with.

As for you, I wish you all the best in the results. I'm sure you will do well.

From a distraught BPP LPC deferred student.

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

How did you get on Suzie?

Anonymous said...

Come on Suzie! You know we're all dying to know how you did!:-)

Felonisa said...

Dear Suzie Law School/Anonymous

I too identify with your situation. Whilst I do not know whether things have worked out for the both of you (please let me know), I am in an equally worrying position.

I am a deferred student at BPP and, to be honest, I have battled through this course despite several hospitalisations. As a result some exams have been deferred and the people that I initially studied with have long since left me behind. It is very disconcerting, frustrating and I feel like such a failure.

I have passed all my exams, but with two remaining, Commercial Law and Litigation. The former exam is a final attempt and I sat it yesterday, 19th June. I had failed it once, but I did not defer it in time for the 2nd sit as I was in hospital and in a very fragile state. I therefore lost my right to sit this exam. To be frank, yesterday was a complete disaster. I drove up very early in the morning from Exeter to get to London - a journey I have done very many times over the years. Part of the M4 was closed due to a tanker overturning in the road and catching alight. Traffic was at a standstill so I was forced to divert... Obviously, this did nothing for my stress levels...Anyway, I eventually arrived in London and got to my exam...10 minutes late and in a shakey, panting, sweaty mess...

I left the exam in tears although I did answer every question..It was terrible and I am 100% certain I have failed. How annoying that I should fail my LPC at the penultimate hurdle?...I am absolutely beside myself with grief and upset..

I have put so much pressure on myself to succeed at this bloody course and sometimes it has been to the detriment of my health. I am sure that some of you might feel that this makes me completely unsuitable for a career in Law..Not true...I have come a long way, but it would seem I have been pipped at the post..I guess, I could always teach...



Anonymous said...

Hey :) I just googled BLP in google to see if theres anything about it and i found your comments. I failed BLP. I have the retake on the 2 sep. I just finished the rest of my exams. i have 1 month off b4 going back 2 revision. Its awful. BLP is the most boring part of the LPC. But i found that the more you know yr statute book, the better yr chances. LITERALLY STUDY IT. Fed up BPP student :(