Monday, April 07, 2008

All drafted out

I'm not very happy about this exam. I don't think I particularly did myself justice, but I also didn't really revise very hard either and the whole thing is making me feel a bit uneasy. The trouble is there is no right answer so there is no way of knowing whether you got the marks or not.

I added up my supposed marks and think I probably managed 26 out of 50 at least, which for me is shocking. But it is a pass. And I will never know. I would imagine drafting is so subjective they can't fail people on the basis that their answers are different to the exact wording in the solution.

I do feel a little ashamed at not revising a bit more and being a little complacent about the exam. I heard last year that very good students often fail drafting because it is commonsense and subjective. Maybe I will fail. I don't want to fail. But I've always had that fear after hearing that... However I answered all the questions, and for once had enough time to check through and add some extra stuff that I feel improved my answers so hopefully that is something.

In response to anonymous who stated left this comment:

Is this diligent student thing serious? Or are you just being funny? I cant work it out. If you really were hard-working and scarily obsessive I'm not sure you'd share that fact with everyone. Give us a clue?

I'm not very clear on where anonymous got 'obsessive' from, diligent for sure, obsessive I hope not! Might I suggest you read some of my older posts, they may give you a bit of insight. Yes, it is completely serious and I'm not sure on why I wouldn't share it with everyone. I hate those people who work their backsides off and then when someone else says "oh did you work really hard for that" they go "oh no, half an hour". I work hard and I'm not afraid to admit it (although the drafting exam is not an example of this as I didn't work very hard at all, shame on me!). Hopefully it will pay off.


Andy Stone said...

Hey LB - good for you, not being ashamed of following your passions. Personally I'm glad you've found something difficult at last - means there's still hope for the rest of us :)

As an aside: I get your blog via RSS feed, and should point out that the last 2 have been devoid of content. You may wish to check the feed settings?

Susie Law School said...

Thanks, sadly I have absolutely no idea about RSS feed. I had to google it to find out what it is, so I definitely haven't changed any settings as I didn't know I had them... but I will investigate and hopefully fix it!

Medically Brunette said...

I laughed when I read that anonymous dude's post! I'm sure your future clients will appreciate your diligence & compensate you accordingly. ;)

Anonymous said...

God how anyone can find EF enjoyable is absolutely beyond me! The LPC so far has been mind-numbingly boring beyond my wildest contemplation. Revision and exams are only so difficult because the subject matter is so boring it takes twice as long to get through it!